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Some the interesting facts from underwear history:

  • it is possible to consider as an underwear Prototype loincloths which in the countries with a warm climate were bottom and outer clothing simultaneously. So in Ancient Egypt used strips of a fabric which were wound round hips. The set of such bandages is found in a tomb of Tutanhamona.
  • It is a lot of centuries back people at all didn't know that such shorts, true torture under the name "corset" and an integral part of female clothes "bra", and also didn't guess existence of trousers different there, shirts etc.
  • Perhaps, it can surprise you, but the first female underwear has started to appear in 18 century. Such terrible "pieces" as a corset, the crinoline and a bustle have started to torment a fine half since 1810. These tortures hid behind themselves a noble purpose to make a waist of girls even more fragile and graceful to please a man's sight. Meanwhile, physicians with might and main protested against such innovations, quite soundly considering that such aspiration "will decrease" involves fatal consequences. Yes only anybody didn't listen to them. After all the fashion is a fashion!
  • Till 1828 corsets were laced up manually, and after there were so-called "mechanical" corsets. Them made by means of the hammered metal loops (you can observe similarity of such eyelets on modern bras). Actually, it is possible to speak about corsets much, therefore meanwhile we will distract from them. Since 1870 of a dress became more and more magnificent, and the bottom lingerie to more magnificent. At that time ladies had to carry to 3 kg of linen (all these panties, corsets and shirts weighed much).
  • Once in the market the first bras have started to appear. All of them still kept some elements of a corset, but already considerably simplified it. After occurrence of the first German weaving mills in the middle of 19th century, corsets haven't lost the popularity. And only the First World War could turn the filled stereotypes about female beauty. Women have been compelled to refuse magnificent dresses and to pass to more practical things: to short skirts, brassieres and panties. The bottom lingerie became more and more similar to modern models. The Second World War too has introduced the corrective amendments: because of deficiency of the necessary fabrics, linen sewed from everything that came across under a hand.
  • 60 have caused deficiency of labor and public burnings of bras. Girls protested against shirts and petticoats because of what skirts on a lining began to appear. And panties all decreased. Decreased … haven't decreased yet till the sizes of shorts – bikini.
  • On the statistic the people who are married, change lingerie in 2 times more often, than not married.
  • In August, 2003 in New York the first National Day of Underwear has been spent. 20 models – men and women – have walked on streets of a megacity with posters and questionnaires. They asked passers-by to answer some questions on their preferences in an underwear choice, and also urged all to join their movement. All sympathizing were offered to be released from complexes and not to be afraid to speak about underwear and to show it.

Kinds of female underwear. Kinds of bras
Let's begin with a bra, it is a subject of female clothes which is necessary for maintenance and giving of seductive forms of your breast. Kinds of bras:
- A bra on "stones" - in the bottom part of a cup, metal arches-skeletons which fix are inserted and support a breast. The arch is hidden in «the special tunnel», therefore doesn't deliver discomfort at a sock.
- The bra with a soft cup is the facilitated bodice at which creation lacy cloths, from a clap or microfiber are used.
- A bra with the formed cup – at cup manufacturing use a thermoregulation method, forming it breasts of the necessary size, thus cups can be rigid or soft.
- "Balkonet" - a design of a similar bra is intended for women with a breast beginning with the size C. Models without shoulder straps have special popularity.
- The bra for mums - with a coming unfastened top detail of a cup that is especially convenient at feeding, is made of a cotton fabric.
- A top – a bra – as a matter of fact, a t-shirt and bra hybrid.

Kinds of female underwear. Kinds of shorts

- Slipy – traditional shorts to a waist, closing buttocks. The most convenient, according to many. Happen with underestimated and to a high waistline, with average and high cut.
- Shorts – also happen to the high or underestimated waistline, are especially popular – shorts-string.
- Tanga – cowards with high cut, have a lateral detail from a band.

How to pick up the size of a bra and cowards.

Well here, with kinds and fashion were defined, now we will pick up the necessary size. As it is not regrettable, it to realize, but the fact is the fact, statistically about 70 % of women don't know as correctly to define the size at underwear selection. Pledge of successful purchase is an exact definition of the size. Not to be mistaken, with a choice of the size in shop, take a centimetric tape, we will define now your size, according to the tablet more low. At first a bra. Measure by a centimetric tape a grasp under a breast and on its top point. The difference between these two indicators – is the size of a cup.


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